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Adoption: That Gift of Life You Don’t Need A Reason For!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

They say parenthood requires love not DNA. How true can that be!

All of us wish for a home where we can hear the voice of a baby chiming through. Everyone wants to be surrounded with children, because children are a true blessing to any family.

Adopting a baby is hard and is mostly done by couples unable to bear children biologically.

When we talk about adopting a child, people have different reasons to adopt a child. Some of them do it simply because they love children or want to give siblings to their children or they want to serve the society.

There is no reason to love someone, but in case you need one:

Love makes a family!

Couple-Kissing baby

Can you imagine life without a family? Certainly not. Similarly, every kid need a family and unconditional love. There are many couples who adopt children due to their love for young ones.

To contribute towards population control

There are people who actually think for the society. They believe there are many underprivileged who are homeless and without a family. So, they provide them one and contribute towards population control too.

Single parent wanting to experience parenthood

single mom

Sushmita Sen is a single mother who has adopted two kids. She expressed her feeling saying: “This little girl needed a mom and I needed a child.” It is as simple and beautiful as that. So every individual who wishes to remain single, do adopt children in order to experience the unparalleled joy of parenthood.

Filling emotional void

In today’s fast-moving life, we often suffer from emotional void. At such a time, we really need someone to rely on, with whom we can discuss our day to day activities with the confidence that the person would never betray. So for the same reason, today people find comfort with kids.

For self-contentment


Helping a child who is poor and whose parents have fallen on bad times gives us that feeling which no success in life can give. Making a place for them in the society with our little help and support gives us immense satisfaction.

Adopted kid may adopt another kid in future


It is because they know the meaning of “being poor” and would never want any other child to feel the same.

Couple with one child


Sometimes, women might not have the energy to go through another labour so they decide to go the adoption way to bring a sibling home for their single child. Like this, they complete their family and also help in removing loneliness of the first child besides providing a loving home to someone.

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