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10 Money Saving Secrets We Bet You Follow, But Never Share


Priya Aurora
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Money, money, money, something we all wish we had more of. It can be tough earning enough money, let alone saving money too! That’s why some people choose to invest their earnings so that they can generate a second income. When working with stock brokers uk, you can invest anything into any stock that’s on the stock market. Stock prices can fluctuate, but when working with trained professionals, it’s easy to spot the signs and sell when the stock reaches its expectations. That way, you can make a maximum income!

We have nothing against misers, it’s the cheap category that we detest. Saving money is really important and websites like Money Sack certainly help make saving and making money, much easier. We all go through financial hardships at times, so it makes sense when people decide to look into companies such as Stocktrades, if going into the stock industry is a route they want to go down. Whatever way you choose to make and save money, it is always best to go about it the right way.

We all know the hacks that can save us some more pennies but just fail to share them or use them, when they are really required.

Don’t worry, this Saturday we have them lined up for you, read and make notes.

1. When booking tickets for your next holiday to Goa or Leh, just clear your cache or book in incognito. If the airlines thought they are smart, you are smarter

2. Next time you urge to binge, have a glass of cold water. Most of the time when you want to order a pizza, you are just dehydrated. Drink more water. Cheap, eh?

money saving secrets

3. When shopping online, load your cart and sit patiently for a few days. There is every possibility that you’ll be offered a discount coupon. It works, really!

money saving secrets

4. There is a direct relation between your car’s mileage and the pressure in your tyres. Maintain the tyre pressure all the time.Money Saving Tips

5. Are your kids driving you crazy with battery demands for all those imported toys? Before you hand out the batteries to them, keep them chilled in the freezer. Increase the life of your batteries and your moolah.

  1. Money Saving Tips

6. Always clear your complete credit card bill. By just paying the minimum amount, your are inviting interest for a lifetime. But we bet you already knew that.

7. Fix scratched DVDs by rubbing bananas over them. Yes it works and you won’t need to retire your DVDs yet.

Money saving Topics

8. Save water by dropping a brick in your flush tank. We never said share all your secrets with your neighbours. They don’t need to know that you are saving almost 40 litres of water a day.

money saving secrets

9. Use the rolling pin to squeeze the paste out of a tube, as if your life depended on it.

10. Don’t throw the shampoo bottle yet. Add half a mug full of water to it and get three more washes FREE!!

Money Saving Tips

If you have anymore cheap tricks up your sleeve, feel free to share them, but for FREE!!!

A last little great money saving tip is to compare energy prices here to make sure you always have the best deal on your energy bills, the last thing you’d want is to be paying more money for exactly the same service. I hear you can save a bunch of money.

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