Hilarious Wrongly Named Things Pointed Out By Tweeple!


Life is blessed with sense. But there are others who are blessed with a sense of humour. People who don’t see things as they are, but what THEY think they are. You don’t have to be a great comedian to spread laughter, it is ample and for free. So there are these people on Twitter trolling things in their own unique way. How they think few things are ridiculously wrongly named.

Have you ever been confused why a particular thing is called what it is called? Or may be you gave it a name? These people found some and hilariously changed their name to what they wanted. Now, it is up to you about what to call it for once and forever.

These Wrongly Named Things As Per Tweeple, Laughteriod Alert!

Images Sourced Buzzfeed.com

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