10 Valuable Things You Must Openly Discuss With Your Man!



That you are upset

If your man assumes you are being overly emotional every time you talk or try to share some serious problem, the first advise would be openly discuss the matter. If the issue persists, then it’s better to just break up with him right now. Share with him first and if he doesn’t bother, just move on.

About your periods

Stocking up your bathroom with pads and tampons during periods is natural, but if your man feels embarrassed about it then it’s time for him to grow up.

That you are feeling horny

Stop waiting for him to initiate sex if you are in the mood. Don’t feel shy telling him exactly what you want to do.

Pain during sex

No all men like it but it’s completely fine to stop him at any point. If you don’t think you are enjoying yourself, then always be sure he knows it.

Embarrassing moments

How about the time he revealed something intimate about your sex life to your boss?Embarrassing? Yes it is and is one of the reasons for conflict in a relationship. So before it gets too late, talk to him.

Things you hope for future

It’s not always necessary that you both would be on the same page. You might be living with the dreams of wedding and babies, whereas he might be planning to live single for the rest of his life. You are never going to know until you actually talk about it.

Your views on religion

This usually has to be done when you both belong to two different religions. I think it is important to discuss how you would want to raise your kids and what kind of wedding you both want to have.

The way you like spending money

Every couple has different spending habits and are at different points in their financial journey. You might have built up a great credit score and your partner might still need to apply for credit card with no credit history! If you don’t know what their spending and finances are like then you won’t know how soon you’ll be able to afford a house or car with them. So before you start your new life, things should be clear about spending money because financial bullying can ruin a relationship.

Likes & dislikes in the bedroom

There are many things that men do in the bedroom and women don’t like it, like asking you to strip or forcibly have anal sex. If you don’t feel comfortable, you shouldn’t buckle under pressure. Just say NO.

Your feelings for him

Do you love him? Are you keen on moving in with him? He’s not a mind reader. He’s never going to guess the feelings you have about him. So just be open and spell it all out for him without hesitation.

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