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You Love Her But Won’t Marry Her Because…


Marry her or not? You love her but still have doubts about marriage because some relationships are just like that, they can give you happiness but cannot take you to the destination and sometimes it’s just one-sided love. So here are some reasons why marriages can’t take place in some relationships!

8 Confused between ‘friendship’ and ‘love’

Is your friendship being construed as love? Or you yourself are not sure? Please think once again. Actually, don’t think – just go and tell her! Please do not make it complicated.

7 You are already married

You cheat…don’t do it! Besides, this is something we really can’t help you with!

6 She is not ‘marriageable age’ yet!

In this case, you have to wait for some more time and let the right time come and ya don’t be impatient 😉

5 Marriage is not the only destination of your relationship

Yep, this opinion is also justified and hopefully, you both agree. Otherwise, you will have to lose her.

4 She has a boyfriend she loves more than you

You must handle the situation very carefully. And if you really believe that she would be more happy with the other guy, then it’s a wise move.

3 Responsibilities…no you don’t want them so early!

Again it’s your life and your choice…. so if you think you can’t take on the responsibilities then it’s better not to be Mr Husband.

2 She hates you!

Then there’s no chance. You can’t help it boss, but still if you want to try? Go ahead!!

1 You are very possessive!

Well, most guys have this problem but we are glad you are admitting it. Try to overcome it, otherwise you will remain a bachelor for the rest of your life.



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