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Things Indian Mothers Are Known For! Do You Have Them Too?

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When we talk of Indian mothers, they all have one common factor – they love their babies like crazy and their world revolves around them. The affection gets so strong that it vents out in particular habits that are common to all moms. Sometimes this ‘maa ki mamta’ gets too much to handle. We mean it in a light bone, nobody minds unconditional love in this world.

7 She will always over feed you

Her insistence for the one last bite will make you eat more than your appetite. And she insists so sweetly, you possibly cannot say no to her.

6 Expect a zillion calls if it gets dark and you are not home

All moms start getting worried after sunset, if their cubs are not home. It comes naturally to them.

5 She is the best alarm clock a kid can ask for

No alarm clock can match the sound of your mom’s voice asking you to get up in the morning. The tone, the diction and the vocabulary is a different matter. Don’t we miss her morning gaalis once we grow up.

4 Your cold quotient is directly proportional to hers

She assumes you are cold, if she is. She might even make you wear an extra sweater just to keep all the cold winds out.

3 She is a regular at all PTA in school

Dad might have missed out on a few meetings, but mom will always be there. And she doesn’t leave any opportunity to put in a good word for you with the teachers.

2 Just sneeze to have her diary of home remedies come out

Moms do not like to take any chances and for them precaution is always better than cure. You just have to sneeze and soon she will be closing all windows.

1 All the nights you are unwell, she will be besides you

Indians moms cannot sleep one bit if their babies are sick. They will be up and around all night along.



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