Why Do You Fall For Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend?


Love has only one problem – it doesn’t have a heart! You can fall in love with almost anyone. Be it your friend, best friend or for that matter your best friend’s boyfriend.

Friend okay, best friend obviously okay BUT best friend’s boyfriend – stay as far away as possible. Don’t touch him, not even with a barge pole.

But, like they say shit happens.

What happens when the two people you trust the most, your best friend and your lover, hook up? It’s unconscionable! The ultimate betrayal!

Khurki looked for reasons why love triangles happen…


5. It’s only a matter of attraction

It goes like this: “I don’t get crushes on people that easily but when I met my best friend’s boyfriend, I just couldn’t control myself. Finally! A man who speaks my language! Eureka! Why, oh why, does he have to be the one person I’m not supposed to have?”



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