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Who Do You Think Will Win Bigg Boss 9?

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So who do you think will win this season of Bigg Boss 9. Whom are you betting your money on?

Well if you are still wondering, let us help you by giving you the good and bad points of each participant.

1. Rochelle Rao

Good point- She improves the glamour quotient of the show. And we love her accent.

Bad point- She portrays women as weak and emotionally dependent on men.

2. Prince Narula

Good point – He has the fighting spirit to win the show.

Bad point – He has no chivalry.


3. Mandana Karimi

Good Point – She has the looks and the brains to win. But no gora has ever won.

Bad point – She is a bad team member.

4. Aman Verma

Good point – He has experience and maturity on his side.

Bad point – Very easy to provoke him.

5. Digangna Suryavanshi

Good point – She has the looks and the fan following to make her win.

Bad point – Grow up girl, this is not your parents’ house.

6. Kishwer Merchant

Good point – She is very good at manipulating and playing the game.

Bad point – Her sense of dressing and no can’t forgive her for spitting in Rishabh’s drink.

7. Suyyesh Rai

Good point – He has the brains and the looks.

Bad point – He does not use his brain and needs more manners.

8. Rimi Sen

Good point – She is super cool and doesn’t care a damn.

Bad point – Please you back side a little.

9. Rishabh Sinha

Good point – He is super good looking, and straight as a spade.

Bad point – He doesn’t know where to have an outburst and where to control.

Take your pick boys and gals, and let us know too.



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