When Vikas Bhalla Got All Emotional On BB9!


Vikas Bhalla, the only decent man in Bigg Boss 9, had his 43rd birthday away from his family in the BB9 House.

Surprisingly, no one in the house remembered to wish him and eventually, Salman Khan had to remind everyone. For his birthday, his wife sent him a birthday card and a letter. The moment Vikas read the letter, he broke down and got extremely emotional.

And guys, then guess what happened the next morning??

For the first time, Rimi Sen looked completely involved in the show. Yess!! You heard it right. Rimi joined the morning dance ritual. Whoaaaaa !!

And why not, it was her song that was playing after all…

Hehehe…wanna listen to the song??

Ah lo ji ….. karo enjoy!!

After the nominations of this week, Bigg Boss gave the contestants an opportunity to know their fate. Bigg Boss introduced Bigg Boss Baba and this opportunity was only for the contestants who are not nominated.

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