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What Is True Love? Find Out If You Are In Love Or Not!

What is true love?

Some say it is friendship. Some say it is sacrifice and some call it pain also.

But really, is it friendship? Pyar dosti hai? Ya dard?

A big question mark as the answer is always going to be subjective. People are bound to attach personal meaning and experience to this natural feeling.

Going by the trend, having a lover has become a common fad these days. The three magical words I Love You are dropped around just like that, at times even without it being attached with any emotion. Infatuation misplaced as love!

But how many of us have been able to figure out actually if we are in love or not?

The bottom line is that we all are confused sperms, not even sure of our own feelings. So, isn’t it time to discover yourself, your inner voice what it says? Good, take this quiz with us and check it out for yourself…

1 You will give your heart, your love, your self to him/her and he/she only comes before anything else…

2 Your faith, trust, confidence, loyalty and honesty belongs to that person only

3 She/he will be a part of your life, dreams, future and a part of you…Now and forever

4 You will not always fight with them and save the relationship by just letting it go

5 You will still be there for them knowing that they no longer care as you cannot control your feelings for them

6 You will never ever regret having them in your life, as only five minutes spent with them are greater than anything

7 He/she may not be the right person for you, but you will create a right relationship with them

8 You will give them their space and accept them as they are as relationships work on freedom

9 You may not love them much in the beginning, but will build love till the end

10 You will always love them, no matter what. There is no past tense in it – it’s either you always will 0r you never did…

So, how many ayes and how many nos?

10 on 10!

Wow! Congratulations, you seriously are in love!


Love isn’t about becoming somebody’ perfect person
It’s about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be!



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