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Loving It! Tokyo Has November Snowfall After 54 Years!

Japan’s ultra modern yet traditional capital has received snowfall in November after a whopping 54 years. The busy capital has never seen snowfall in November since 1962 and the people have been caught off guard, but they are enjoying every bit of it.

Yesterday, Japanese woke up to a white morning with fresh snow flakes. Tokyo hardly receives any snowfall round the year, but this time nature has taken everyone by surprise.

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Though the people of Tokyo are not used to snow flakes, it seems they all are taking it quite well. As much as 2 cm of snow was predicted for central Tokyo, according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

The last snowfall in November in the Japanese capital was in 1962, at a time when John F. Kennedy was the President of the US of A and Bob Dylan had just released his debut album. These pictures simply show the beauty the nature can add to your city.

Tokyo Witnesses Snowfall After 54 Years And Locals Are Loving It!


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