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Travel Guide For Japan, For First-Time Visitors!

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Japan for most people is like a mystical land, with a rich culture and some of the most beautiful natural spots. But not many know that Japan is also a heavenly place for people who like to shop. You get some very interesting options, so get ready to be amazed.

5 Akihabara

If you like to indulge in latest gadgets and electronics then this is the place for you. The choices will bewilder you and you will be so tempted to ask your friends to send you some cash from home. In this street you will find Japanese Maid Cafes, where the stewardesses are dressed up in costume.

4 Shibuya

This district will be recommended by all you meet in Japan. It gives you plenty of choices and has loads of variety. We highly recommend the Shibuya 109 building, which is a must for women travelers who want to pamper themselves.

3 Shinjuku

The first thing that you will notice here will be the neon lights. This district is one of the major commercial centers of Japan. Spare a thought to the fact that 2 million people use the Shinjuka station every day. The best way to shop and explore is on foot. It has some very vibrant options in night life too. Be wary of touts who will claim to be representative of some elite bar.

2 Harajuku

This is the fashion capital of Japan. If you want to check out the global trends even before they hit NY, then head here. The high end shopping area is called Omotesandō Street. The place always has massive crowds, which take some getting used to.

1 Shinsaibashisuji

This is a cultural site, which offers many options. You get to taste some amazing street food, and walk for hours without getting bored. And don’t worry about getting lost, as most signs are in English and Japanese.



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