Holy Jesus! This Is What Having A Bad Day Looks Like…


We all crib about small problems in life, but never realise others might be having worse taste of a ‘real’ problem. Sometimes, just a spill of your shake can make your day go bad. Call it your karma pay-off or life screwing you the hard way. All you have to do is just be sad about it, cry out loud. And we are not trying to scare you or upset you, but simply trying to make you feel better about how trivial some matters can be…

When your key hole turns out to be an A**hole

No it’s not a brownie, but a burned pizza


What can you do if it is destiny which is locked


This dude will give you worst day goals

Sketch artist the kid wanted to be..


Smarty pants? Not at all!

A little more chilly flakes, they said

Bad day at its worst..

This has always been my nightmare

Wheel of Karma lost…

When you simply don’t deserve to live..

And later that day, we ate eggless cake

Don’t step on the brake pedal..

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