Things Bengalis Are Tired Of Hearing…Dada Khoob Bhalo!


Richa Sharma
For Khurki, I am providing sarcasm, which is the only free service I offer. Rest, I'm still digging the earth to get as grounded as possible...Soul to Sole....

Bengalis do not live in Bengali Market But West Bengal!

Bengalis are great artists, great sportspersons, great thinkers, great writers, great cooks, even greater friends and lots of other things.

Check the video how people from West Bengal are perceived by most of India.

Some follow-up thoughts:

1. Ugly males but good looking females = bengalis 😛

2. Bengalis are good singers!

3. The way they pronounce the rasgulla is awesome…

4. My girlfriend is from bengal and i saved her contact name as “bay of bengal”

5. In winter they cover themselves from top to bottom and in summer you will find Sunglasses, water bottle, suns cream and umbrella.

6. my friends used to ask me, tum logo me shadi ke time, dulhan ko godi me kyu uthaate hain

7. Durga puja me Sindoor se holi kyu khlete hain.

8. And everybody calls you Dada…

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