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Spanish architect turns ruined cement factory into a stunning home!


There are various forms of artists you will find in this world. And then there are architects, artists of lifestyle. You don’t enjoy there are for a particular dinner date, with music in the background, or in a two-hour film rather you spend life with it. Exactly the art of an architect surrounds you every day of your life, yet many of us forget to recognize it. Architects will look at the bare bones of a building and see the possibilities of it, what it could turn into, what it could end up being to someone or to many people. With architecture, there is no single set way of design the inspiration for it will always vary depending on the setting. With multiple resources out there such as the Azure – FSB Lever 1155 handle for inside buildings, to the specific stone bricks need to create a desired rustic effect, each one has a part to play in how a building will eventually end up looking, not only is this about the design but it is also about the practicality. The design is the heart, the practicality is the way people are able to live/work in these areas and get to experience it. Architects are constantly looking at that and seeing how they can bring that to life and make something as simple as a door handle have a meaning.

It is often believed that, “architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder.” A similar wonder is created by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, who saw this building for the first time in 1973. And he immediately knew it that it was more than just a cement factory. After 45 years his vision met with reality and with efforts of Bofill and his team it has turned out to be a true wonder. Today the house is called La Fabrica…

What a place to live and work at!!!



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