Skipping Is The Best Exercise To Lose Weight….How?


I remember when I was in school, the best thing I enjoyed in recess time was skipping rope with my friends, an easy-to-do fitness activity. Alas, somewhere along the way skipping the rope got overshadowed by new and heavy machines. Well, now I want everyone to rediscover their love for skipping and Khurki will provide you some benefits of skipping the rope that might come as a surprise for many of you. So let’s take a look at the awesome benefits and innovative ways of skipping.

Cross Over Skipping

Bored of doing just jump rope? Then try this cross over skipping, done by jumping rope as usual and then crossing your arms in front of you while the rope is in the air. Adding the crossover will challenge your jumping ability and shift the rope-turning work from your biceps to your shoulders and forearms.

Image Source: Eclectic Binge

Boxer Jump

This is my favourite way of skipping the rope. In this, you have to keep your weight on your heels and jumping one foot out in front of you at a time. Once you have got the motion down, just do little heel taps as fast as you can and twirl the rope.

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Forward and Back

While twirling the rope, hop back and forth over the line. This adds an element of difficulty that will help get your heart rate up and make you jump a little higher. Alternate this move with the ski jumps to work all four directions of movement to really challenge your agility.


Single Leg Hop

Many of you might be trained in single leg hopping by your PT teacher. Now it’s time to practice it again. With single leg hopping, you will really feel the burn in your calf if you jump on one leg for 30 seconds and then the other. Work up to a full minute on each leg for serious muscle sculpting.


Squat Jump

Set the deep squat position, twirl the rope and jump over it. If you maintain your squat position, it will really strengthen your quads and glutes. Don’t straighten your legs between reps, stay in the squat as long as you can.


Side Hops

Twirling the rope, jump your legs together side to side in time with the rope.

Image Source:Women’s Health

Hurdle Jump

If you ran track in high school, you have got this one down. But for those of who didn’t try this explosive then do it now. This skipping move helps to get your heart rate up and work your quads, calves, and hamstrings. Either have two friends hold the rope for you or tie it between two stable objects at about knee height.

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