Shimla, More To The City Than Mall Road And Jakhu


SHIMLA – just the name helps you conjure up images of snow-clad mountains, Mall Road and the Church at the Ridge.

Summer time, it is also a picture of beeline of cars trudging their way up to the cooler climes. Then, there would be people who say what’s there to see in Shimla except for Mall and the Ridge and maybe a visit to the Jakhu temple.

But how many people know that Shimla is more than Mall Road and Ridge. A localite made me realise that there is much more to Shimla than just the shoulder-clashing walks at the oh-so-rushy Mall Road.

Here are a few must visits in Shimla:

1. Forest Road

And you thought having a walk is boring. Think again ‘cos this place will keep you on your feet for miles and many smiles.

2. Cemeteries in Shimla

Cemeteries in Shimla are a must visit. you can actually see those brilliant British Architecture with some amazing warm quotes on them.

3. Craignano..Wait..What? You haven’t heard of this place?

With some outstanding scenic view, Craignano is a must visit for all the nature lovers in Shimla.

4.Tara Devi walk

There is no fun travelling by car to Tara Devi. Get off your vehicles at Tara Devi bus stand and have a walk to Tara Devi.

5. And if you thought Shimla is all about Jakhu, try Visiting Kali Bari Temple

Try visiting Kali Bari Temple in evening and those Bengali Pujaris will make you feel close to the divine power.

6. Advance Studies…And you thought only your place has a fancy university.

You must be thinking what’s so special about an Institute? Have a walk at the Institute for Advance Studies and you’ll get your answer.

7. Heritage railway stations between Kalka and Shimla

So, the next time it’s a peaceful holiday on your mind, think about Shimla from Khurki angle!

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