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Sex Stories Which Will Give You Laugh Ache For Sure!

Sex stories

I always thought that having sex is about the ‘high’ and romantic moments.

But that was only till I came across some weird and embarrassing sex stories. No, this is not about random people getting caught in action. It’s about the real embarrassing stuff. Things that left me shocked about what’s going on in some people’s lives. All this just crossed the limits of my imagination, as I’m sure if you Click here now to get access to our free porn database over at TubeV, the limits of your imagination will too, be stretched.

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Khurki brings you the most embarrassing sex stories:

13 This horny dog!

My dog licked my ex’s ass in the middle of sex!

12 When they were actually listening to parents

Today, my boyfriend and I were at his parents’ house when things started getting hot. Out of respect, we stopped and just cuddled, making us hearing his parents banging.

11 Love is blind, sex is drunk!

Was riding a guy and threw up on him because I was so drunk!

10 This mysteriously embarrassing story!

While moaning, she just said “I Love You Grand Ma”

9 For those who don’t know, Queef is a kind of vaginal fart

My boyfriend and I were doing 69, and suddenly I queefed on his face! He laughed so hard that he almost peed himself.

8 Story of a bleeding nose

My boyfriend got a bloody nose while going down on me and I freaked out as I thought it was my period. He informed in time that he was a chronic nose bleeder and I heaved a sigh of relief.

7 When the fantasy bubble busted!

Today, I had sex with the guy who was the main subject of my bean-flicking fantasies since I met him. It was the absolute worst sex of my life. I guess some things are just better left to imagination.

6 This one with hilarious climax!

Today, I was washing my boobs in the shower when I caught my reflection in the mirror. I got super turned on at the sight of my large breasts all soaped up. I’m a man.

5 The guy with some pride

Today, I was the first guy ever to give my girlfriend an orgasm. I was also the first guy to make her poop at the same time.

4 Ultimate Mama’s boy

Today, my boyfriend started to suck on my boob, which I quite enjoy, until he said he was breastfeeding and called me “Mummy”. I don’t think I can ever let his mouth near my boobs ever again.

3 This one will choke you!

Today, my boyfriend told me that he doesn’t know why I think deep throating is so uncomfortable. To prove his point, he grabbed my dildo and effortlessly slid it down his throat.

2 Grandpa caught in action

Today, I’m staying at my grandparents’ house. I went upstairs to grab my sketchbook to show off to my grandma. My grandpa is half-deaf, which I guess explains how he didn’t hear me. I heard him though, jerking off and muttering the most disgusting sexual things about “Tara.” I’m Tara.

1 Watch this hilarious video of embarrassing sex stories:



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