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What’s Wrong With Schooling That Children Hate Going To School?

1 Hated going to school. Hit NEXT to find your reason

2 Early morning schedule


Timings are important in any school and as it’s believed that human brain works most efficiently early in the morning. Thus, the early morning routine. But this theory isn’t valid any more. The timings of 10 am is liked rather than the timing of 8:30 am. The results would be magnificent if the change in timing is enforced.

3 Unessential subjects must be dropped


Every institute tries to keep up with the all-round development of their students. But sometimes they just go to the extremes by keeping subjects which don’t have any use. For instance, some subjects with practical essence should not have theory exams, as it never makes sense.

4 Too much of extracurricular activities

Involving students in extracurricular activities is a good thing but to seek their participation in events that do not have much relevance to studies doesn’t make sense. Such things lead to students opting out of extra-curricular activities even though they might be interested in them.

5 Teaching pattern, from bad to worse

It is a thing that might have changed a lot over the years but the problem has persisted i.e. perception. People still believe that a person can learn best while staying in classroom and to keep up this thought, teachers do their best by making their pupils cram all the syllabus. The students end up learning the entire syllabus in place of understanding it.

6 Over busy faculty of modern schooling

We do understand that you work under tremendous pressure but you should be available to the students whenever they need help. At the same time, the teachers can’t help the situation as they are made to do tasks not related to teaching.

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