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6 Ways To Find Out If You Are Really Happy Being Single!


Some women are happy being single as a choice. Then, there are women who just hate being single but put up a pretence of being happy and endure their single status. Heart in heart, these women just don’t like to be single but feel they should smile through it even though they don’t have a partner. Okay! Let’s make this situation a bit simple for you, Khurki has some check points to find out whether you are really happy being single or you are faking it. Check it out for yourself:

1 You go out alone

If you go out with your friends, you are actually enjoying your single status. But if you are going out alone, then at the back of your mind you want a guy to seek you out.

2 When online dating sites attract you

Trust me, happily single people with no intention of getting into a relationship do not do this!

3 When social media makes you feel jealous

Do you spend considerable amount of time on Facebook checking couple pictures and getting insecure and jealous about it? If yes, then you definitely feel like getting in a relationship. Please don’t stop yourself……

4 You imagine yourself in a relation

One of the signs you are pretending you love being single is that you have a tendency to regard each new person you meet as a potential soul mate and partner.

5 Romantic movies/songs give you the feel

There’s no harm in single people watching romantic movies or songs, but if you are crying and getting all mushy, then surely you are faking being single.

6 You have got men on your mind

Have you noticed that since you have been single you have started feeling that there are more handsome men around than ever before? Though it might not be true, what your brain is telling you is that you are more eager to spark up a romantic connection with a new guy.



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