10 Questions I Don’t Want My Dad To Ask Me!


Amrita Garg
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For a girl, it can be very annoying to be put through restrictions. What can get more annoying is that these restrictions are imposed by your father. You feel like he’s more a cop not your father and the situation becomes worst when he start interrogating you on small things, which you don’t want him to question you. What questions? Here’s a sample…

Why are you not doing household work?

Being a girl, never means that your life should be restricted to that chaklaa-belan of the kitchen. It should be your choice…you want to become a home maker…or an interior decorator or a pilot. In fact, being the father you expect him to support you to fly high and not confine you to a gold cage.

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Why do you want to go for a night out?

What’s with this age-old concept that you are allowed to shine in the sun, but when it comes to the moonlight, all restrictions are let loose. The darkness of the night can’t overcome the brightness of the dreams that are in your eyes or hidden behind the tears.

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Why do you have to attend every event?

When you are very enthusiastic and passionate about social events, it really becomes irritating when he comes and asks you why can’t you just leave some events for others to participate. It’s not necessary for you to go for everything…it’s not like you have committed to such events and the work can be done even without you.

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Why are you coming late?

This is something that really annoys you. He never asks your brother, then why you? Have you ever realized that, yeah you must have. You must have got irritated with this question of his. Makes like some investigation is going on and you are a criminal.

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Why do you have boys in the group?

Hanging out with friends is the most fun time. Imagine, you are out with friends and suddenly you get a call from your father asking about your whereabouts. How many friends or boys are there in the group? I mean they are your friends and there’s no point or reason to point out the gender particularly. They all are similar to you as friends.

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Why can’t you skip this trip?

Trips and tours are not only for boys. Girls also have the right to hang around, to travel the world, to experience FUN. Only if you wander will you get to know the world and people.

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Why is your room not clean?

Well, it’s your room…you stay there, you sleep there, you laugh there, you weep there…so your room is your best friend…and it’s only you who will decide how you want your room to be and how you feel comfortable.

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Why do you want to dress up in western dresses?

Jeans for boys is a trend, but when it comes to girls it becomes vulgar. How justified is this? No one can explain. Just imposing orders doesn’t make any sense…after all it’s your life and you should have the liberty to decide what you want to do with it.

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Where have you spent all the money?

You must be given some liberty just like the boys have. Moreover, it’s quite possible that you might have spent that money on planning some surprise… so this question will annoy you for sure.

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What are your plans for marriage?

This might be the biggest decision of your life, so you need to be prepared for it. Moreover, you might have some thoughts about your would-be life partner. So, unless you find those qualities you won’t be able to say yes. And, then this question from your father, that too on a repeat note will frustrate you for sure.

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