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How Differently Piss Can Be Named In India!

When it comes to pee, we Indians are ahead of the whole world. We are the most free people in the world when it comes to pee. We pee on the roads, zig-zag entrance of public parks, any random wall, under a tree, corner of the stairs of a sarkari building – in short anywhere, including outside the public washroom. But do you guys ever think of jotting down the different names or slang for piss. If not, worry not here:

1 Look at the intensity on uncle’s face!!

2 PK style is completely “lull” for all

3 This is the national symbol of “PeeIndia”

4 Tapori style pee, is seeti yes the ‘Whistle’!

5 If you know any wannabe ‘Hinglish’ speaking Aunty, you can relate this to her…

6 Mutravisarjan for the Shuddh-Hindi-Parishad in you!

7 What a true desi Indian will call it…

8 For the desi Hindi, “Putra” (Son) this is the term for piss

9 Your childhood was awesome if mummy ever asked you- “beta SiSi aayi?”

10 For the elite Indian, this small little thing can sound like an Environmental Program Summit when stated as “Nature’s Call”

Before Your Next Pee Break Share This With Your Pee Buddies!



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