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Phantom Trailer Digging Old Graves? Where’s The Need?

phantom trailer

A couple of days back we shared the poster of Phantom with you and now the Phantom trailer…

But before you take a look..here’s a question..do you really want to relive the 26/11 tragedy again?? Haven’t enough tears been shed already?

Why do directors play around with the emotions of general public – just to make money?? Films are basically for entertainment or for social awareness…this one here is certainly not going to entertain but revoke the bruises and wounds that had been given 7 years back…

Well…seeing the trailer I had a heavy heart and felt sympathetic towards those who had lost their loved ones to the deadly gunshots…

Just felt that it’s not fair to dig old graves and reopen those bruises which had, if not deeply, but superficially healed..

Here’s the Phantom trailer guys…I do not support this movie due to emotional reasons…tell me what do you think..!!



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