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Why Do People Make Fake IDs? Khurki Tells You!

We seem to be talking some sense, now!

We have often wondered why do people (usually youngsters) make and use fake IDs on the social network? Is it a youngster’s funda alone or do other grown-ups resort to this practice as well? Is it just a mentality or a psychological problem?

There could be many reasons for making fake IDs. Some reasons could be worth a reasoning, others could just be for the heck of it.

We studied the matter more and came up with the following probable reasons behind people making fake IDs!

1. Too introvert to disclose one’s identity publicly? So use fake IDs!


2. To get extra likes on pages, promotions!


3. To poke close friends!

4. Voice one’s opinion(s) and not be known

5. Hitting on girls/boys…

6. Cyber bullying. Oh no! 

7. Stalking (applies to all gender)

8. To get extra likes on their profile pictures! Mental!



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