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What’s In A Name? Humour Is What They Said!

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May be you won’t get name and fame in your own country, but in India you will definitely get it. These names evoke humour in all those who listen to Bollywood songs or understand Hindi. Internet is flooded with these name puns and people are simply loving it. Shakespeare must turn in his grave every time internet trollers showed that there’s quite a lot in a name. All you have to look through is your troll-mind inside your head. So here we are bringing the best trolls on the names of these foreign people.

26 The games we played as kids…

25 Straight from Bhool Bhulaiyya

Complete nuisance

24 If music be the food for thought

23 Shit happens!

22 De de de de…

21 Punjabi idiom…

20 Karachi Rocked China Shocked

19 My mom always reprimands me with..

18 Ellie Goulding can you seee thiss?

17 Teri Toh…

16 When Jennifer has to pee..

15 The eye catcher…


14 Every Tea-nager will relate to this…

13 TGIJ- Thank God It Is Jumma…

12 Please to answer the kyun?

11 Any lemonade request?

10 Do you like this kind of Mazak?

9 This one is hilarious…

8 Or may be Bannon tera swagger..

7 Tum Joe mil gaye ho…

6 Badshah indeed..

5 Yet another tea-nager post..

4 Help me girl level 9000

3 Now u c it!

2 This one beats all the knock-knock jokes

1 Finally, one desi babe..

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