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Most Interesting, Yet Little Known Museums Of India!

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India is rich in culture, tradition, history and beauty. Due to this richness, we also have museums in every state and in every district. A traveller in India must keep these museums in his list, if he wants to get an insight into on the richness and cultural diversity of the country. Although the number of museums is infinite, we have picked for you some that you should not miss for anything in the world.

5 National Museum

It is one of the biggest museums of India. It dates back to 1949 and is on Janpath, New Delhi. From jewellery, armours, rail coaches they have it all. You will also find a separate Buddhist section here.

4 Indian Museum

This old and magnificent museum is located in Kolkata and dates back to 1814. You get the opportunity to see skeletons, paints from the Mughal period and old ornaments here. There is a separate section of geology here. It is in fact one of the oldest museums in the world.


3 Government Museum

It is popularly called the Madras Museum and is located in the busy corner of Chennai. It dates back to 1851 and has a huge collection of anthropology, botany and geology. They have a separate kids section too.


2 Princes of Wales Museum

The museum is very close to the Gateway of India, Mumbai. It came into existence in the 20th century. They have three main sections, natural history, art and archaeology.


1 Shankar’s International Dolls Museum

This museum is very unique, as it holds the largest collection of dolls from all over the globe. The museum has been divided into two separate sections. You will find here over 160 glass cases with dolls from far off places like Australia, Africa and New Zealand.



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