Fight The Monday Blues By Clicking Happy Selfies, But Avoid These Places!


This one is specially for those suffering from selfitis. Well, for the uninitiated, “selfitis” has recently been added as a disorder in Diagnostic Statistical manual used by psychologists world wide.

Disorder aside, there are situations where taking a selfie should be a big NO. Even if your not an addict yet, you must check your urge right now. Stop yourself from turning this habit into a self obsession.

But what are the situations where taking a selfie is neither a memory nor funny, but plain simple stupid! Khurki provides you the answer along with a request on not to take such inappropriate selfies.

Next to a dead body

Using a flash in restaurant with dim lights

At a religious place

Selfies at a Movie hall definitely not done

Hospitals, ouch!

While driving and causing accidents

After shitting in the washroom

Real private moments like making out


In the changing room

During a National Propaganda

While saving somebody’s life in an OT

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