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Lucky Are Those Who Are Dating A Cancerian Woman!


There is no doubt that a Cancerian woman is full of love and she always tries to put in her complete effort to make you feel special in unique ways.

Full of care, compassion, always like to surprise people are three biggest qualities of a Cancerian woman. And the way a Cancerian woman listens to you, completely gets involved in what you are saying as if you are the only person in the world, is an awesome trait.

Their only desire is that they want everyone to be comfortable and secure. To please the ones they love, they will do anything and make sure you return the favour, coz all they need is to be safe and respected.

So, here are some best qualities of Cancerian women you probably didn’t know about:

7 Don’t forget easily

We remember every important thing you say!! If we don’t, it wasn’t important.

6 Like hugs because we love to display love, affection and warmth

Little touch here and there mean a lot to us!!

5 Extremely sensitive

All women are very sensitive, but we have that extra topping. Getting emotional after watching a romantic movie, looking at pictures of friends on Facebook – we get teary-eyed too.

4 Just moody person

If we are in a really bad mood, we don’t usually like to be left alone. So, try to cheer us up by spending time with us or buying us a small gift.

3 We make great friends

Cancerians are very good at making friends. We are excellent listeners and will always be a shoulder to cry on, God forbid you need one.

2 Very romantic and lovable

True romantics at heart…. Love, romance is what we need!

1 Will do anything for those we love

I know, sometimes this can be a bad thing. To be sweet, kind and obliging is in our veins and we will do anything for the people we love.

Not all, but most Cancerian women have most of these qualities……

So lucky are those men who are dating Cancerian women.



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