If You Love Horror, Then You Must See These Movies!


This list we assure you will leave you baffled and mortified. Isn’t that the purpose of a horror movie too? If you claim to be the biggest fan of horror movies, then you should have seen every movie listed here.

The Cremator

The movie came out in 1969 and is from the Czech republic. It is the story of a man who has some very strange ideas bout cremation.

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The Blue Elephant

The main lead of the story is a psychiatrist who had a whole load of problems to deal with. Things take a twisted turn when a murder and rape takes place in the plot. This Egyptian movie is a must watch.

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This movie is set in Morocco and is the story of an attorney who loses her daughter to a scary murderer spirit. Morocco is not known to make horror films, but this one is a beauty.

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Hour Of The Wolf

The movie is considered a masterpiece by many. The movie shows the story of man who is troubled by demons and strange powers. A fine mix of supernatural and horror.

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The movie is set in a small town in Ontario, where things become scary after a strange viral outbreak. It is a totally different type of horror.

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I Saw The Devil

If you like to see movies, which are intense, and seat gripping suspense, then this is the movie for you. The movie is an absolute masterpiece from South Korea. This serial killer story will leave you speechless.

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The story is of a man who stumbles on to an ancient artifact and how it destroys his power to think straight. Watch it if you like demons and supernatural forces.

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