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Things You May Be Doing Wrong When Looking For A Date!


If no girl is looking at you and you don’t seem to get a date no matter how hard you try, then maybe you need to do some introspection. Do you have habits which people detest and makes you the dark sheep in the crowd? If you have any of these habits then it’s time to make some lifestyle changes right away. You might be doing these things wrong.

6 You don’t make any effort to go out

If you are thinking that the doorbell will ring and a date will walk in, then it won’t be happening anytime soon. If you want to date a nice woman, go out meet people, have a life.


5 The ‘me’ time is too much

Me time is a good thing, but if it becomes your top priority then you will end up alone for sure. Try some group activities and make a friend circle.


4 You have no time to date

If you are working sixteen hours and juggling many jobs, then the dating scenario will become very bleak. You have to take out time to date.


3 You make no effort to look good

You might not have branded clothes, but you still have to make an effort to look good. You obviously cannot turn up for a date in sneakers and shorts. Please shave and smell nice, that’s the least you can do.


2 You cannot get over the past

If you have had troublesome relationships in your life, then you need to consider every relationship as a fresh start. You need to resolve your issues and move on. If you want the other person to be fair, then you need to be too.


1 You are a perfectionist

If you are rating people and giving them marks, then you are doing it all wrong. If you are looking for the perfect date, they do not exist. If you claim to be perfect yourself, then you need to live in your bubble alone.



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