Don’t Be All Happy About Monsoons, It Rains Health Hazards Too…

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Our health is directly affected with the change in weather. That is why our moms used to be super worried about us whenever the season changed. So now that monsoons are knocking at our doors, we need to take certain precautions to protect ourselves.

There’s no doubt about the fact that monsoons are beautiful. They indeed are relaxing. And that too after the killing heat is gone, a cool breeze with a shower is heavenly. But that doesn’t mean it is all good and not bad. There are certain things that needs to be taken care of during the monsoons. From what you eat to what you wear – you gotto take care of it all. Understanding the importance, we have done some research for you and the results are…

Big No To Street Food

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You know that craving of having hot pakoras & tea from a famous street food joint nearby. You definitely gotto keep it under control, completely avoid street food during the monsoon. If you are so much dying to have it, try and get it prepared at home. Street food during rainy season can be freaking dangerous. And if you think we are trying to scare you, trust me we totally are.

Insect Repellents

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Use powerful insect repellents during this season, because there are many seasonal water borne insects out there craving for a bite. It is always advisable to be prepared and avoid getting bitten. Having an anti-malarial drug is also suggested, but do take the advise of a general physician or your family doctor.

Nope, Splashes Are Not A good Idea

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Going out in the rain, having some fun, feeling the breeze should be the nightmares. Never ever get these kinda dangerous ideas in your head again. Rain water or the water in the pot holes can definitely lead to fungal diseases which can be fatal in nature.

Always Dry Your Feet

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And if by any chance you have wet feet, dry them immediately. Keeping wet feet for long time can also lead to various fungal infections or minor skin problems. Itching would be the first sign and redness would be second. So make sure you dry your feet immediately and better avoid them getting wet.

Anti-Bacterial Tea

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Having a hot cup of tea during monsoon is no less than a treat. But during this disease prone season, make your treat a treatment rather a prevention. Have those herbal tea with anti-bacterial properties. Those with ginger, clove, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, chamomile are a few good options.

Body & Temperature

Never ever go to an air-conditioned room with wet hair or damped clothes. This can definitely lead to cough and cold. Maintain the temperature of your bodies with regular soups, tea, et al. Keep your body moderately hot and dry during the peak of monsoon.

Be Alert Of Stagnation

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No matter what your surroundings are, always stay vigilant of the water stagnation. It is a little factory of water-borne diseases and fungal infections. Keep a strong check on your home, office, or other environments you regularly visit.

Be Prepared For Rains

Always be prepared for the rains, do not blindly trust the forecast app of your phone. Keep a rain coat, umbrella, towel et al handy. Remember rains are romantic only in movies, as in maximum cases they are fake.

Oh yeah I forgot one thing, Happy Monsoon! 

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