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Good Things Happen to Bad People…But Why?

Firstly, let us be clear that the concept of good and bad comes from the way we have been raised. Most of us have been raised on a belief that good things are rewarded and bad deeds are punished. And so, we have been programmed in a manner that if we are good, “good things will happen to us” and the same goes the other way round.

But that is not the way the Universe functions. The fact is, the universe isn’t punishing or rewarding anyone. Yes, let me repeat it for you: the universe isn’t punishing or rewarding anyone.

The Universe functions exactly the way Shahrukh Khan mentioned, “Kehte Hain Ki….Agar Kisi Cheez Ko Shiddat Se Chaho To Puri Kaynat Usey Tumse Milane Ki Koshish Mein Lag Jati Hai”. And trust me, I am not being Sarcastic here. The Universe does follow it!

The Universe works on the principle of the Law of Attraction, which means that it is only responding to your thoughts. You get what you believe, regardless of how good or bad you are.  That’s it. And there is no further assumptions attached to it. So, when bad things happen to good people, it is because this is what they had thought – Negative!

If you think and believe that ‘good’ things are going to happen to you, they will. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad. Your expectations will still yield positive results. The same holds true in case of reverse. You may be the kindest and most helpful person, but if you have negative expectations about how things are going to turn out in life, that is what you will get.

So, despite being told that we should be good or do good to others to get good things in life, what really matters is what we believe because that is what is going to happen to us…

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