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9 Reasons Why Indians Don’t Win Gold Medals In Olympics?

We all have prayed for our players to win medals in the ongoing Rio Olympics. From social networks to all debates, people want to know why aren’t our players performing?

All over the internet, all we see is people supporting the players for Gold Medals. Ever wondered what the people are really wanting? Are we really supportive of our players or just desperate for medals?

Names like Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu were unheard by almost everyone. The support is only for those who win, but we are full of curses and hate for those who couldn’t make it. Anyway, what makes this situation the way it is? Too much of questions naa? Well, one most important thing is yet to be asked. WHY Indians don’t win medals in Olympics? The first thing people will say is, facilities nahin hai. True that. but there is a lot more to it contributing for no show in Olympics.

Sharma Ji Ka Beta

Image Source : thepiratebay.org
Image Source : thepiratebay.org

There is always a Sharma Ji and his beta who is scoring well under the pressure of his personal Sharma ji. The notion that studies are primary and sports secondary has cost us many medals.

Less encouragement more criticism

We live in the world where taking stairs instead of a lift makes us a so called fitness freak. We have people who can sum up whole lot of crap in just 140 characters.

Sports illiteracy

People simply don’t understand the importance of sports in life. How sports can serve the person’s need of passion and profession at the same time.

R Madhavan sums it all up

Source Quora.com

This dialogue from the movie Sala Khadoos says a lot about the situation sportspersons in our country face. From what is going on to what can happen. This is it!

Yet another movie dialogue

This dialogue from the upcoming biopic on MS Dhoni is yet another true fact about our country. Though we wouldn’t have Dhoni if that wouldn’t have happened, but how many Baichungs we have lost.

Lack of sports culture

The sports is beyond bat and ball. The nation needs to see the bigger picture of sports. Just like cricket, we need our own personal God for every sport. And for that, we have to let our kids play.

Careless & namesake ministry

Image Source : Hindustantimes.com

Minister confusing the names of champions and desperate for the selfies is a shame. Enjoying the Rio beaches with family and on public money is not what the country deserves.

This take by Milind Soman

This model cum marathoner the well known Milind Soman is the man who is motivating the nation to accept sports.

And obviously all time valid, facilities

Source Quora

The blame on the authorities, schools, local government cannot be corrected. We need badminton courts, wrestling rings and many such facilities.

It’s high time we stand united for sports and not medals!



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