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A Girl In Maharashtra Takes On A Guy In Real Life ‘Dangal’, Video Goes Viral!


Aamir Khan films are known for creating an impact on the masses. If this effect is a result of it or not we can’t say, but this girl is a true empowered chori. The best things about India is we are a nation of slow learners but good learners.

Acceptance have always been an integral part of the Indian civilizations from history to present and most likely in future as well. In the video going viral you can clearly see the girl not only fighting with a guy but also winning it like a boss. The most part about the video is, though the crowd is full of men but they are all cheering this mixed kushti event.

If things keep going the same way, generation to come will have a great country to live in. Kudos to this girl from Maharashtra  who is the true face of empowered girl child in India..



Kudos to the Dhakad chori…



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