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You Won’t Ask For More Reasons That Northeast Is Coolest!


When you travel the length of our country, you will be amazed at the diversity and cultural richness it has to offer. Sadly, in our country the travel agents only glorify The Taj, Japiur and Ladakh. We today invite you to go on a journey to Northeast and be surprised. It has so many aspects that you will regret not coming here earlier. The smiling faces, the simplicity of life will make you smile.

6 The people here have an amazing sense of dressing and look super cool

Won’t you agree that your friend from Northeast was always the most well dressed, with the coolest hairstyle. And they never spend a fortune on clothes.

5 Smart kids

The Nagaland Board Of Secondary Education has made financial literacy compulsory for all school kids. These kids are smarter than your metro kid. These kids know how to plan, invest and grow their money.

4 Tripura has the highest literacy rate

The state has beaten Kerala with a literacy rate of 94.65%. It is followed closely by Mizoram at 91.8%.

3 Highest number of inter-caste marriages in Mizoram

The state has the largest number of inter-caste marriages in the country. Sikkim and Meghalaya follow it closely. The high level of education has broadened people’s minds and made them more acceptable and flexible.

2 They have matriarchal societies in many tribes

The Khasi people of Meghalaya have been following matrilineal norms since centuries. Property is passed on from mothers to daughters.

1 Almost everybody knows how to play an instrument

Music is an integral part of the lifestyle here. Most popular Indie brands of the country have come from the Northeast. Children are encouraged to enjoy and learn music from a young age.

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