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This Summer Serve These Stunning Drinks At A Wedding!

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Indian summer weddings can be an ordeal if not planned properly. You need to pick your dress and venue carefully. But you can make the sleeveless blouses and backless cholis so much more bearable if you serve the right and stunning drinks at this grand affair. We have some very interesting ideas for you today.

5 Serve gola in small glasses

A proper gola can be cumbersome to eat. Make it interesting by serving it in small shot glasses. So while the wedding pair takes their pheras, the guest can enjoy miniature golas. And you can go crazy on the flavours too. Have you tried chocolate gola? Rabdi gola or even kokum gola?

4 Iced tea never goes out of fashion

Not all guests come to a wedding to drink. Some of them long for just a glass of chilled iced tea. And same as the gola, do not stick to boring flavours. Go ahead and serve iced tea in ginger, strawberry and peach flavours.

3 No harm in serving Cold Coffee

The coffee lovers look for reasons to sulk. So keep them happy by serving them chilled cold coffee. And if you add a scoop of ice cream to it, you have a winner at your hands. And don’t be boring in this department too, add some marshmallows, orange rind or even espresso shots to your invention.

2 Aunties will love aam panna

A summer wedding menu cannot be planned without aam in it. Get bucketfuls of aam panna made and serve it to your guests. No need to serve aerated drinks at all. And if you are in the mood for an adventure, then try a pan flavour, add some boondi or a shot of vodka.

1 Nothing can beat a glass of lassi

Nothing cools you like a glass of cold lassi. If your menu comprises of Indian food, then be sure to add this to it. And we urge you to serve mango lassi, dry fruit lassi or even chocolate lassi. No stops this summer!



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