Crackling Diwali In Bigg Boss House. Watch What & How?


It was not really a happy Diwali for Bigg Boss 9 housemates as the equation shared by Mandana Karim with SuKish and Prince went worse during the task of this week. There were live patakhas with flares and embers all over.

The Highway task has finally taken its toll on the members! It all happened when Mandana kicked Kishwer in the tummy while SuKish, Prince and others of their team were bothering Mandana and her team to get them off the rickshaw.

Kishwer, Prince and Suyyash do not leave a single opportunity to irritate members on Team B and Mandana is on the top of their list. Prince threw mashed aloo waste on Mandana and even smeared it on Rochelle’s face leaving both of them agitated. Kishwer gleefully observed and even encouraged Prince to continue with this tactic.

Later, Prince and Kishwer poured cold water on Mandana irritating her even further. In order to save Mandana’s mike, Kishwer holds it and pulls it aside. But Mandana reacted to water being thrown on her and an inadvertent reaction got translated into a kick that caught Kishwer in her abdomen.

Grabbing the opportunity, Kishwer raised  hue and cry and demanded Mandana’s disqualification from the show.

However, Bigg Boss intervened and the matter was resolved. Mandana got into direct nominations for the coming week and lost her right to vote anyone as part of her punishment. Use of physical force against anyone in the house is not allowed.

Anyway, the punishment given to Mandy failed to satisfy Kishwer. She kept insisting on getting Mandana eliminated.

Now the question is – should Mandana be thrown out of the house in this case? If her behaviour was unethical, then so was Kishwer’s action to spit in her food and drink during the hotel task. Do you also think Mandana deserves disqualification from the show?

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