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Facing Parental Abuse? Khurki Helps You Deal With It!


One of the most common problems faced by children these days is parental abuse.

Owing to the growing tension and stress in their professional lives, parents end up abusing their child – be it financially, verbally, emotionally or physically. Some children even tend to become criminals because of parental abuse.

These children who are suffering from such abuse have very little help available to them and they go through it all alone. Worry not, KHURKI has some help at hand to cope with it. Listed below are ten ways:

11 Share the problem with an elderly person in your family

10 Confide in a friend

9 Don’t blame yourself for your parents behavior

8 Try to be out of house and keep yourself busy

7 Dare to stand against it..!!

6 When something makes you unhappy, ignore it

5  Never lose your patience or it will harm you eventually

4  Divert your mind. Set goals and be focused

3 Be mature and try to deal with every situation


1 Don’t give a chance to your parents to shout at you



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