What Amazingly Crazy Happens When You Drop Dry Ice In A Pool?


Doing science experience might not be your thing, but watching their videos is definitely your thing. So is this one with science & dry ice magic in the pool. Science is the best magic we can ever experience. Though magic is always considered a trick, but science is the magic which is real. After all a magic with science is scientific!!

So for all the lovers of science, we bring the video by Crazy Russian Hacker with dry ice & pool experiment. This guy simply throws some dry ice in the pool and the result is some crazy chemical reaction that makes you see smoke all over the pool.

The next time you are having a pool party, this is what you can do for sure. But make sure that you don’t jump into that water as it can make you unconscious. The ice makes it seem like there are small volcanoes under your pool and the smoke of course. The combination of the two is what makes this experiment worth your watch.

What Happens When You Drop Dry Ice In A Pool?

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