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Desi Brands To Make You Fashion Perfect This Summer!

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This summer, save up and revamp your cupboard with the latest in Indian fashion. You can either go crazy and burn your pockets with international brands or buy a handful with local desi brands. Get ready for some indulgence and show yourself some love.

7 Blouses from Global Desi

Global Desi has come out with a really vibrant range this year. The colours are bright and the silhouettes are so interesting. They have clothes for every age and every reason. You are sure to get something you like.

6 Shoes at Catwalk

Buy brogues, flats and all kinds of shoes, this season. Just keep your comfort and style in mind. Instead of buying a few expensive brands, buy plenty of moderately priced pairs.

5 Kurtas From BIBA

If you are a desi at heart, then this is the brand for you. Buy some ethnic stuff and look totally Indian. This year side tie-ups and coloured necklines are in vogue. Vibrancy is in this season.

4 Tops At Faballey

Crop tops are still in and they only got trendier. Match them with your skater skirt and pants with high waists. Get them in every colour and rock every party.

3 Dresses At Harpa

The shorter the cooler. Get them in every length and give your jeans a rest. You can buy them plain, printed from a shop or online.

2 Denims from Ginger (Lifestyle)

2016 is the year of acid wash and ripped jeans. Pair them with adorable tops and casual bottoms. These denims are affordable and can beat any international brand.

1 Jewelry from Chumbak

If you haven’t checked out this brand, do it today. You get a wide range of bracelets and funky pendants and small trinkets. The collection is fresh and most cute. Perfect to gift to your best friend.



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