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Check List For A True Indian! Do Share Your Score…

Do you stand proud on 15th August and your eyes well up when the National Anthem is played? And you conveniently convince yourself that you are the true child of Mother India.

Well just standing up straight without scratching your bum for 30 seconds does not make you qualified for being a true Indian.

Call yourself a true Indian only if you can tick everything in our list.

1. You do not stare or tease at other people’s wives, daughters and sisters


2. You do not let your mother pick up the plates after you finish eating.

3. You treat animals and birds with care

4. You treat your sons and daughters as equal…

5. You don’t keep an underage child as a servant

6. You treat your help as human beings, not slaves

7. You make it a point to keep your home and surroundings clean

8. You treat your daughter-in-laws as your daughters

9. You are kind to your parents and don’t abandon them in old age

10. You don’t step on the dreams and needs of a friend or a needy person in order to fulfill yours

What’s the score? Good, bad or average?

Or else on this 15th August, make a resolution to implement some of these things in your life.

Believe us you will die a more content and happy human being.



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