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Things You Will Burn If You Burn Crackers This Diwali!

All you hear these days is loud sounds of crackers. All you smell is the smoke of crackers. All you see is crackers leaving behind way too much smoke for our mother earth. Many organizations and NGOs are running campaigns to encourage and motivate people from burning crackers. But have these efforts made any difference?

Not realizing how much harm we are doing to the environment, all we care about is loud sound sparkling lights which are momentary but leave damaging effects.

And what’s with the govt? When a person smokes a cigarette, he is polluting the environment and spreading diseases like cancer, so he should be challaned. But there is no such ban on burning of  crackers, which are way more harmful. They spoil the beautiful environment and cause irreversible damage!

It’s high time Sarkar wakes up and stops this cruel business of crackers.

Khurki opposes crackers because of several reasons:

12 You burn the efforts of all those trying to save the environment

11 You burn wings unintentionally, but with cruelty and ignorance

10 You turn many easy breaths into choking and cough

9 You burn something you love the most, something you live for “money”

8 You burn the smiles, eyes, & future of many little kiddos

7 You rip apart the peace with loud sounds of crackers

6 You will turn many woofs into screams!

5 You might burn somebody’s light of life forever!

4 You will burn something or everything!

3 And those who will blow up Laxmi after offering prayers to Her

2 You will burn all those Swachh Bharat efforts

1 Last but not the least you will burn the fresh air your kids will breathe in

So say NO to crackers and enjoy a light-filled Diwali!!!



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