From Nihar Pandya To Ranveer: The Boyfriends Deepika Has Had?


Dipu has been looking for true love for a very long time. Or maybe she was trying to keep her options open. In that quest for something forever, she has dated quite a few guys.

We have the complete list for you and in case we missed somebody, feel free to ping us. We promise to give you your share of limelight too.

1. Nihar Pandya tops the list of boyfriends. He was the first man she dated when she shifted to Mumbai, and even had a live-in with him for almost three years.

2. Upen Patel was involved with her for a brief period. But they parted ways soon. Maybe his fake accent was too much for her.

3. Muzamil Ibrahim and Deepika looked quiet the pair, and were very open about their relationship too. But the fire fizzled out soon enough.

4. Yuvraj Singh, our very own Yuvi too had the hots for Deepika. They were spotted quite a few times, but they say the media tore them apart.

5. Siddhartha Mallya is next on the list. She dated him for quite some time, and people say his money was the only attraction. She even went to the extent of baking a cake for him on his birthday. But they had a very sorry fall out.

6. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika were quite the pair. Bollywood could not stop talking about them and they were pretty public about their affair. But Ranbir spoilt the party by cheating on her with Katrina.

7. Deepika is currently dating Ranveer Singh and we hope that this love is here to stay and complete her search for her one true soul mate.

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