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Wake Up! Are You Aware Of These Animal Rights?

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A police horse was allegedly attacked by the Mussoorie MLA, Ganesh Joshi, during a protest in Dehradun Monday afternoon. Shaktiman, the 13-year-old police horse, suffered a broken hind leg and it underwent a surgical procedure on Tuesday night, after which the authorities said no amputation was required. Though the police have booked Joshi and his supporters under Cruelty to Animals Act, we all know that he will go scotfree eventually. Forget the competent authority to implement them, how many of us are aware of the animal rights? Here are some of them:

10 All Indians are required to have compassion for all things living. You have to give them the respect that a living thing needs to be treated with care.

9 Killing of any kind of animal, stray or pet is a punishable offence. Just because they can’t talk, you cannot take them for granted.

8 If you are caught abandoning an animal, you can be put behind the bars for up to three months. Just because your pet got old or sick, you cannot leave them on the roadside.

7 Chickens cannot be slaughtered at home, you have to do it in the right place. Similarly, if an animal is sick or pregnant, it cannot be killed.

6 Neglecting an animal or denying it food and water for a long time is a punishable offence. If your pet is found chained for a long time and in neglect, you can get into serious trouble.

5 Monkeys are wild animals; you cannot keep them as pets.

4 You are not allowed to train lions, bulls and panthers for the purpose of entertainment.

3 Animal sacrifice is completely illegal all over the country.

2 You cannot organize an animal fight for your personal entertainment.

1 Testing of cosmetics on animals is banned. No cosmetic company is allowed to conduct trials on any species.

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