Are You In Denial Of Your Dark And Black Side? You Must Be The Black Person


Well, whether you like to accept or not, we all have a dark and evil side which we are not proud of.

It is your deepest desire to be powerful, in control so that you can be emotionally secure no matter what. So if your favourite colour is black, read on about the traits you possess:

1. You strive for power and prestige at all times. It is not easy for you to take no for an answer

2. There are very rare occasions when you lose control of a situation. Most of the times you can handle them independently

3. Since you are a lover of black, it restrains you from being overly free or unconventional. You are most ruthless when contained and restricted

4. You need to add some colour to your life. Lighten up

5. Even your closest friends fear your anger and dictatorial style of living

6. When in a formal party, you try to put on a most sophisticated and dignified persona. Whereas in reality you are quite insecure with VIPs around you

7. It will take the earnest efforts of a special one, to break the barrier around your heart

8. In reality, you are actually always protecting yourself from any negative vibes

9. The mystery that surrounds you can be best represented by a sexy black negligee

That was a joke !!

10. It will be nice to let go sometimes, try it

11. It is easy to identify a black person. Just look out for a rebellious teenager, the autocratic boss and the nagging housewife

12. Your insistence for perfection might irk people around you

We suggest make a door and step out.. Start living…

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