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Adorable Things Couples Do For Each Other To Strengthen Ties!


Keeping a relationship alive takes some sweet and adorable things that are best done for each other. Sometimes there are these small, simple things that make life easy and good. No gems, bling or cash and all works to stay content but simple adorable things are capable of making life joyous. Here’s a list of things Khurki has noticed couples in super healthy relationships do. Believe it or not, these are small changes but the difference in the level of your happiness can be huge.

When she sips his coffee every morning just to make sure it’s perfect the way he likes it

When he patiently stands behind her during shopping

Stealing hugs and kisses when no one is around!

Sacrificing their wishes to make partner happy!

Speak kindly of the people that matter to them

Informing their partner before taking major decisions

Even in crowed place, maintain eye contact with each other to know how they feel (uncomfortable/enjoying)

Image Source Campus Clipper

Finishing their chores without their knowledge and giving them comfort after a long tired day @ work

Run and give each other really huge hug where someone is inevitably lifted off the ground

Make it a point to tell them frequently how much they care about each other and why they do it

Send each other quotes and clips from movies that remind them of each other

Wake each other with a hug or kiss

Protecting her in his arms in crowded places

Making their wish come true in all senses like long drives, night outs, eating ice cream by the road side, walking hand-in-hand on side walk

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