Adorable Pets! Who’s The Dude In Anushka Sharma’s Life?


Don’t we all hate coming home to an empty flat or apartment. But the emptiness can come alive if you keep a pet. We have for you today some Bollywood actresses who have adopted pets and adore them.

These pets have become a part of their family and lives, and we often get to meet them on social media platforms.

Esha Deol

She has a pet Piccola and she calls him Darling.

Source: flickriver

Gul Panag

Has four dogs and they travel all over the world with her.

Source: openthemagazine

Anushka Sharma

Has a Labrador called Dude, and we see his pictures often.

Source: peppystory

Sonam Kapoor

Has adopted three dogs and she calls them Bacardi, Coke and Feather.

Source: hindustantimes

Alia Bhat

Has a cat called Pika.

Source: timesofindia

Sunny Leone

Has two adopted dogs, whom she calls Lilu and Chopper, besides a cat called Alex.

Bipasha Basu

Has a little Chihuahua she has named Poshto.

Source: vegmomos

Priyanka Chopra

Has a cute Cocker Spaniel called Brando.

Source: bollywoodlife

Zarine Khan

Has two Persian cats. And besides them, she also adopted a rescued cat and called it Softy.

Source: petaindia

Shilpa Shetty

Has a dog of the breed Pekingese, she calls Champagne, besides two other Persian cats.

Source: indiatimes
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