A Turkish Couple’s Wedding Celebration With A Motive!


Kunal Kapoor is the reason behind us watching this one that’s ‘coz he’s the one who tweeted about it…Can’t thank you enough for this Kunal…

And what is this video about??

It’s about a Turkish couple who planned something different for their wedding…Besides the general practices that every wedding has with the grandeur, the pomp and show, here’s a couple who shared their wedding with 4000 Syrian refugees…by feeding them food from their wedding meal..and trust me when I say, the bride and groom themselves were serving the food during their wedding…

This one surely made me feel that humanity still prevails…

Watch and appreciate them…

Rather than sharing a dead kid’s picture on social networking sites and shedding tears, here’s what you can actually do to save those who are fighting for survival….

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