142 Mistakes In Chennai Express, Celebrating 2 Years Of ‘By-Mistake’ Film!


Chennai Express can easily be labelled as one of the most cliched films ever made in Bollywood. Starring Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone, Chennai Express happens to be an epic directed by the one and only Rohit Shetty.

With some odd 142 mistakes in Chennai Express, the movie can easily be entered in the record books. After watching the film, people even screamed Chen-nahi-nahi-nahi-nahi Express. Though the box office success of the film was like an express, but the storyline and concept were older than the invention of the first train engine.

But anyway, it’s hats off to the SRK fans who are always ready to accept his every film even if it complete nonsense.

Khurki too counts itself among the SRK fans and wishes him all the luck for his upcoming films Fan and Raees.

But Khurki being Khurki brings you infinite mistakes in his film Chennai Express.

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