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11 Pictures To Prove That Humanity Still Exists In India!


Being human is not just Salman Khan’s right or choice. There are others too with humanity still alive, though they would be easily numbered.

Is our generation going to see the world getting ruined? Well, no, not yet, because there are still some people for whom humans and humanity still is of prime importance. Don’t believe us?

Khurki puts together some photographs which prove that humanity still exists in India:

11 Controlling the traffic is not just about signals and nakas

10 Motherhood has no religion

9 You don’t have to be rich to share, you have to have a heart!

8 At times, life makes you mature and responsible very early

7 He was terminally ill but wanted to be the Police Commissioner of Hyderabad. Hence, wish granted!

6 Another traffic police guy with a responsible mind and caring heart

5 Humanity in diversity!

4 It’s not just about your own family only

3 Another example at its best

2 Humanity doesn’t need sight!

1 It transcends age. All that’s needed is a loving heart

Bring out that humane side of you. Go help someone. Achha Lagta Hai!



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